The STO Management Tool

Everything you need to plan and conduct a Security Token Offering

The challenge

An STO is a new and regulated way of raising capital by tokenizing assets. Not least for SMEs, the STO concept represents a huge potential. However, the landscape of the STOs is still relatively uncharted territory. And the primary challenge currently is a lack of guidance on how to complete an STO fast, inexpensive and legally compliant.

A complete roadmap

Our tool provides customised guidelines and a complete roadmap of all the STO steps. The STO Management Tool will accommodate your needs no matter what kind of asset you want to tokenize in which jurisdiction or how much capital you want to raise from which segments of investors.


To get started, please subscribe below. The STO Management Tool will save you money and time and ensure that you consider all compliance aspects when conducting your STO. The STO Management Tool will be ready shortly. Please click here and let us send you a message as soon as we are launching.